About Shadle Farm


About the historic Shadle Farm

Shadle Farm is a 270 year old Historic Farm in Durham, Connecticut that is the couple’s home and sanctuary.

Mark & Ami have been working hard to restore the property and slowly turn it back into active farmland by planting a wide array of organic fruits, herbs, medicinal plants & vegetables after 30 years of the land being left dormant.

The farm, the commercial kitchen and entire property all are exclusively run on Solar powered energy and are the hub of much of the inspiration of the life work that they share together.

Many of the organic ingredients for the restaurant and food truck are grown and harvested at the farm and are incorporated into the seasonally inspired menu. The couple also makes the extra effort to compost all of the organic waste material from both the restaurant and truck, which in turn creates a very nutrient dense soil for the gardens and growing beds. They are committed to making the restaurant, truck and farm an example of full sustainability and green business practices in every way possible. Shadle Farm has become a favorite stop over for many Health & Wellness leaders and for anyone interested in seeing first hand how this couple is living their ultimate dream by sharing their gifts with the world.

Mark and Ami hope to be a living example of how creating a life from heart centered passion & complete dedication to their mission, can successfully have a huge impact on the planet and make a difference in all the people they meet along the way.