About Chef Mark Shadle and Ami Beach Shadle


A message from the owners:

At G-Zen everything is thoughtfully prepared from scratch using the most natural, certified organic, sustainable ingredients we can find. Everything on the menu from the Drinks to the Desserts are nourishing to the body. We pride ourselves in our ability to create amazingly fresh delicious, 100 % plant-based cuisine, that promises to never be boring to the palette yet soothing to the soul, bringing us back to a place of harmony or zen.

Food is Love
Chef Mark & Ami Shadle

Mark Shadle, Executive Chef and Co-owner

Chef Mark Shadle is one 
of the most celebrated vegan 
chefs working today and a Pioneer of organic, environmentally conscious cuisine both locally and internationally. He is considered a “True First” in the vegetarian & vegan movement and over the years, Mark has received awards from many culinary and environmental organizations.

Over the more than twenty years of his culinary career, Mark has made a tremendous impact on the local, sustainable and natural foods movement. As a member of the American Natural Foods team, his team placed two Gold metals, Silver and Bronze in the Culinary Olympics in Germany. As a Vegetarian team battling against 60 countries and all genres of food, Mark brought home a gold for the USA, which was a defining moment in his culinary career. In June 2010, Mark had the high honor of being invited to the White House by First-Lady Michelle Obama and is currently involved with the “Chefs Move to School” initiative that involves working directly with schools and helping to bring awareness to healthier food choices for the children. His vision is to give children and adults an interactive and thought provoking way to educate about the importance of healthy foods & organic farming. In 2013 he was named and awarded the “Chef Hero award” for his achievements as a chef and restaurateur and is carrying that title forward by continuing to work with public school systems and many charitable organizations in spreading his mission of sustainability and importance of a plant-based lifestyle.

In addition, Chef Mark has the honor to serve is conscious cuisine to many celebrities over the years that include amazing people like the rock legend Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Billy Joel, Chrissie Hynde, Danny DeVito, Moby, Kevin Costner and LA’s Chef Tal Ronnen, to name a few.

Mark is best known within the public eye from his over 22 years he spent as the executive chef and co-owner of It’s Only Natural Restaurant in Middletown CT. Under Mark’s reign for more than two decades, ION evolved into a multi award- winning restaurant and he achieved much recognition for his efforts as both a chef and as an extraordinary human being.

In August 2011, Mark sold his share of “It’s Only Natural” to his business partner to pursue his many outside projects including the successful G monkey mobile and to bring his culinary and personal career to the next level. He is ecstatic to be the executive chef of the Award-winning G-Zen culinary team and plans on expanding the “G” brand with more green enterprises in the near future.When Chef mark is not cooking at G-Zen or Gmonkey, he is found working on his sustainable farm in Durham CT with the family, tending to his bees or lecturing about sustainable lifestyle.

If interested in Booking Chef Mark for a lecture or cooking demo at your school, corporation, University or private function, please contact info@g-zen.com for inquiries and event pricing.

Ami Beach, Executive Raw foods Chef and Co-owner

Chef Ami has been immersed in the world of nutrition and holistic medicine for more than two decades. Ami is an accomplished author, licensed CHT, certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Raw foods educator. She has been recognized for her work both nationally and internationally and continues to inspire people by being a health motivator and sharing her extensive knowledge of natural healing.

Ami tirelessly advocates her commitment to nutritionally wholesome food and a sustainable, health-focused lifestyle based on the premise that you are what you eat, drink, and breathe. She feels that it is important to take responsibility for one’s own health, and her holistic approach includes incorporating the principles of “food as medicine” and importance of detoxification of body, mind & spirit. On top of her work supporting the organic food movement, Ami champions for a cleaner environment so future generations can also enjoy life on Earth.

Together with her Chef Mark by her side as her partner and husband, the dynamic duo are ready to conquer the world with their love for one another and passion for spreading awareness about a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle together.

Ami is proud to be the head mixologist of the custom health elixirs, infused cocktails and the creator of the raw food inspired menu at G-Zen. Ami is also the founder/CEO of Gmonkey mobile, G-glo Organic Juice Fast and creator of the G-Glo Total Reboot Program.