G-Zen Events and Community Potlucks


G-Zen Holistic Events and Lectures

On Sunday and Mondays when G-Zen is closed, we often host wonderful and informative guest speakers, health motivators and events relating to Health & Wellness. Past events include longevity strategists David Wolfe, Philip McCluskey, Dan McDonald “Life Regenerator”, Dave Conrardy “Raw Food Trucker”, Lisa Wilson from the Raw Food Institute just to name a few. Please check our Calendar and keep up with out Facebook page for event listings and stay connected to our happenings.

Catering Events: Suggestions and Top Sellers from Menu  

Each Event menu is custom designed and range from $25-$50 per person and up for food cost but may vary depending on how many choices. However we can create a scaled down version and discuss your budget. Click here for our overview and top sellers for events. We use 100% Organic and handcrafted ingredients in all of the menu choices.

To discuss our event/catering minimums, details of location, date, amount of guests & vision of your event, please email, info@g-zen.com.

G-Zen Community Potlucks

We are very excited to share this epic and amazing event. Every few months, we open G-Zen up a Sunday evening to host the Largest Vegan/Raw Potluck in CT. We invite our community to bring one dish that is both vegan & Raw and ask that they bring the recipe to share with everyone. As many as 80-90 attend the potluck and the result is a spectacular meal that is shared together with wonderful conversations & many new friendships. Please feel free to join our next event and check the G-Zen Calendar and Facebook for event listings.

Watch a video of our Events!